IDL Streamlines Compliance Process for Forestry Operators, Timber Harvesting

Monday May 15, 2023

Boise, ID – Idaho Department of Lands (IDL) now offers private landowners a new online app to help simplify applying for the Compliance/Notification. More than 2.8 million acres of timberland in Idaho is privately owned.

The Idaho Forest Practices Act and the Idaho Forestry Act promote active forest management to ensure the health of the forest, soil, water, vegetation, wildlife and aquatic habitat is maintained during the growing and harvesting of trees in Idaho.
To comply with these laws that regulate timber harvesting activities and after-harvest slash hazards, forest landowners must obtain a “Certificate of Compliance/Notification of Forest Practice” before harvesting.

“Using the information acquired through this website app, customers can easily work with an IDL area office to be issued a Notification/Compliance document,” said IDL Director Dustin Miller. “This new app is part of our ongoing commitment to streamlining regulatory compliance and improving customer service.”

The new app is located on the IDL Forest Practices Act webpage. The app allows the person to create a map online that displays their proposed harvest area and special cautions/features identified within that area that might impact how they harvest their land, including streams or steep slopes and erodible soils.

This provides the private forestland owners and managers access to the same information IDL uses when issuing a forest practice notification and slash hazard compliance. For those not familiar with using a map application, there is also a detailed guide to help the user, step-by-step.

The information provided on the map can then be used to compile the information needed by IDL. While the map and attached pre-compliance worksheet do not automatically generate a legal Compliance/Notification document, when submitted by email or in-person at a local Supervisory Area Office, these forms allow IDL staff to create signable documents for customers in minutes.






Sharla Arledge
Public Information Officer