May is Wildfire Awareness Month

Friday May 1, 2020

Boise, Idaho – Idaho Governor Brad Little has designated May as Wildfire Awareness Month. As always, the goal is to do your part to prevent human-caused wildfires. But during the COVID-19 outbreak, preventing fires can also prevent wildland firefighters and emergency responders from getting sick.

Wildland fire agencies, including crews with the Idaho Department of Lands, are using measures to ensure all wildland firefighters are trained, qualified and prepared for fire activity considering the risk of illness due to the coronavirus. “Once started, fire does not acknowledge fence lines, jurisdictional boundaries, or a health crisis,” said IDL Director Dustin Miller. “This year we are joining our agency partners to remind the public to do everything possible to prevent wildfires to protect our state. As well as to protect our fire crews from being unnecessarily exposed to the coronavirus.”

“Don’t Let Your Summer Go Up in Smoke” is the new motto for the Idaho Fire Prevention and Education Campaign that was created with support from the Idaho Department of Lands, Idaho Firewise, U.S. Forest Service, Nez Perce Tribe and the Bureau of Land Management. Wildfires impact some of the most pristine and treasured places and things in Idaho. We want those legacies to last for many generations and it takes all of us to be personally responsible for fire safety this summer.

IDL is responsible for fire prevention, fire mitigation, and fire suppression. There are 10 Forest Protective Districts and two Timber Protective Associations that are responsible for the protection of more than 6 million acres of state, federal, and private forest and rangelands under a state-wide cooperative agreement. The department works with tribal and interagency partners across jurisdictional boundaries to ensure statewide fire protection.

Visit IDL’s Facebook Fire Information page for resources on how you can help prevent wildland fires every day in May.

Governor Brad Little’s Wildfire Awareness Month PSA: