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Assistance for Forest Landowners

IDL Private Forestry Specialists and the Forestry Assistance Bureau staff provide technical and educational assistance to help forest owners maintain their property, create and enhance forest habitat and maximize financial benefits.

Assistance may include management planning and advice on harvesting, thinning, planting, hazard fuel reduction, and water quality and wildlife habitat improvement. We also oversee compliance with the Idaho Forest Practices Act on all private, State, and federal forests in Idaho.

For assistance, contact your local IDL area office.

Tools for Foresters – “One Plan”

The One Plan for Multiple Use Management in Idaho meets all plan standards for the IDL Forest Stewardship Program, Idaho’s Natural Resources Conservation Services Forest Management Plan, and Idaho’s Tree Farm Plan.

Tools for Landowners

Doing right by the land involves making decisions carefully. To help with this, IDL recommends developing a Forest Stewardship Plan, also known as the “One Plan.” Landowners with a Forest Stewardship Plan qualify for discounted registration fees to attend selected educational programs.

Resources for Visual Planning & Mapping for your property:


For questions specific to a location:
Supervisory Areas

For statewide programmatic questions:
Forestry Assistance
Coeur d’Alene Staff Office
(208) 769-1525

Latest Forestry Assistance News

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Landowner Outreach

Foresters Forum

IDL Forester Forums are short informational publications covering various aspects of forest management practices

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