Public asked to help protect endowment lands this hunting season

Friday October 9, 2020

(Boise) – More than 96% of endowment land in Idaho is accessible by foot, watercraft or vehicle, with about 2.3 million acres available for hunting or other recreation.

Endowment land is different than public land: These lands are scattered across the state and are managed by the Idaho Department of Lands (IDL). The lands generate revenue, typically from timber sales and grazing leases, and help fund public schools, universities and state hospitals. In 2018 an agreement was made with Idaho Fish and Game to provide financial support for public access for hunting, fishing, and other wildlife-based recreation on endowment land. Fish and Game’s payments to IDL helps ensure those lands remain open, but responsible use by the public is critical.

Help Preserve Access

  • If you park near a gate, make sure there is room for emergency vehicles to pass.
  • Help IDL keep the land productive by honoring closures and not making “new” trails.
  • Reduce erosion by treading lightly on the land and avoiding muddy roads and trails.
  • To reduce impacts to the land, keep Off-Highway Vehicles on established roads and trails.
  • Dead animals should be disposed of away from streams and camping areas.
  • Please take your trash home with you.
  • Removing locks or destroying locked gates may result in further closures.
  • If you use a warming fire, please put it out so it is cool to the touch before you leave. Wildfires are expensive and you are responsible for the bill if you start one. This year human-caused fires are responsible for 91% of acres burned on forests protected by IDL Fire Management.

IDL continues to provide access through trail construction and mitigation projects to guide recreation. Some areas may be temporarily closed to enable the effective operation of revenue-generating activities, to protect the public, and seasonal roads and trails. New signs are posted on endowment land to help with navigation and show rules and contact information.


Maps of endowment land can also be found at