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Docket 20-0401-2301

Objective of the Rule

IDAPA 20.04.01

The Idaho Department of Lands administers IDAPA 20.04.01, Rules Pertaining to Forest Fire Protection under the authority of the Idaho Forestry Act (Title 38, Chapter 1, Idaho Code).

This rule provides requirements for forest fire protection that are designed to prevent and mitigate wildland fires caused by those conducting a forest operation. It adopts the definitions (among others) for Forest land and Range land from 38-101 and defines Forest Operations; it details protection standards that must be met by forest land owners who choose to provide their own protection. The rule describes burning permits required during the closed burning season established by 38-115, during which a permit from the department is required to burn, and details fire-fighting tool requirements, water supply and equipment requirements, and fire watch requirements during forest operations and critical fire times.

Following Executive Order 2020-01, Zero Based Regulation, this rule chapter is scheduled for a comprehensive review in 2024 with the goal of simplifying the rules for increased clarity and ease of use.

Quick Reference

Current Status

The 2nd Draft of the Negotiated Rule Text is now available for public review. We invite the public to submit written comments by February 22, 2024 (date extended). 

There are no substantive changes to the rule text. The new draft showcases significant re-organization and textual adjustments aimed at enhancing clarity and coherence. Thank you for your continued engagement in this important process! 

Submit Written Comments

Negotiated rulemaking public comment period extended to February 22, 2024.

How to send your comments:
By email to:
Through our website: Submit a comment
By mail to:

Idaho Department of Lands – CDA staff office
Attn: Josh Harvey – Rulemaking
3284 W. Industrial Loop
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815

Fax: (208)769-1524

Negotiated Rulemaking

Negotiated rulemaking is a process in which all interested parties and the agency seek consensus on the content of a rule. Public meetings are an opportunity for all interested persons to discuss possible changes to the rule, and the public may also submit written comments.


Josh Harvey
Fire Management Chief
Forestry and Fire Division
Idaho Department of Lands

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