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More than $400,000 went into the Idaho Department of Lands Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Fund in Fiscal Year 2022. The fund provides off-highway vehicle opportunities and helps repair damage directly related to off-highway vehicle use on Idaho Endowment Land. On January 1 of each year, every motorbike, ATV, UTV, or specialty off-highway vehicle (SOHV) operated on public or private land must be registered and numbered to legally operate. A dollar of every registration fee goes to the Idaho Department of Lands.

Endowment lands are different from other lands in Idaho as the priority is managing them for the long-term financial return to beneficiaries, which include Idaho schools. Recreation opportunities are supported as a secondary use provided those activities do not degrade the lands, interfere with management activities, or otherwise negatively affect the long-term financial return to beneficiaries.

2022 OHV Fund Project Highlights

Priest Lake: Off Road Vehicle Mitigation – $ 304.52
Replaced missing signs and installed new signs identifying route regulations.

Pend Oreille: Hoodoo –  $11,286.70
One quarter of a mile of new 50” or less trail on Hoodoo Mountain was laid out and is ready for clearing and construction. A new kiosk at Hayes Gulch Parking Lot was installed. The kiosk will inform the public of guidelines while recreating on endowment lands. The Hayes Gulch Parking lot received some upgrades to improve parking safety and water management.

Mica: Cable Creek Mitigation – $8,105.69
Needed project tools were purchased, materials and rented equipment to install fence posts. With the help of the Cable Creek Neighborhood, Panhandle Trail Riders Association, Cataldo fire crew and IDL staff, one mile of fence was installed off the main county road to stop use in unwanted locations. An access limiter was installed to reduce recreation vehicle access to 50” or less, while still allowing for recreation access. Additional repairs were completed to fix breaches in the fence between Cable Creek Block and the Liberty Lake ORV Park.

Southwest: Steamboat Project – $4,745.52
A road grader was contracted to repair potholes on the Pine Creek and Bannock Creek Roads near the Steamboat and Red Hills Trailheads. Members of the Southwest Fire crew were utilized to assist with finishing a fencing project near Steamboat to limit unauthorized use. An excavator was rented to remove unauthorized trails and a campsite around the Steamboat area. Additional trail sign decals were purchased to replace old and missing trail signs. The Idaho Parks and Recreation Trail Cat Program assisted in repairs and realignment of Long Trail open to vehicles 50” or less. Repairs were made to IDL fire trailer to make it useable for recreation projects.

East Idaho: Kelly Canyon Project – $3,850
Purchased and installed a gate and vehicle limiter to protect Bowman Cabin/snowmobile warming shed and access to single-track and vehicles 50” or less trails.

Security Patrols – $33,067.64
The security patrol contractors and Idaho Department of Fish & Game monitored recreation use on endowment lands and enforced closures. They interacted with the recreating public to provide education on access issues and department policies. Problem areas were identified, gate breaches were repaired, and mitigation was performed under other contracts. Each year the security contracts assist with management, by documenting and reporting recreational impact observations. The information provided by IDFG and the security patrols are valuable to assist with addressing challenges.     

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