“Donations to the Fireline” helps public donate supplies directly to wildland firefighters

Friday July 23, 2021

(Boise) – Calls continue to come in from Idahoans and businesses who want to help wildland firefighters during this time of unprecedented heat and fire conditions. But some donations that are brought to various offices or fire camps, such as food, are not suitable for use by fire crews. The Idaho Department of Lands has developed a new webpage called Donations to the Fireline which shares what donations are most needed, and how to get those donations in the hands of firefighters and support crews.

What is needed

Pallet-quantities of water
Pallet-quantities of sports drinks with electrolytes
Use of a refrigerator truck or trailer

Where it is needed
Coeur d’Alene Interagency Fire Cache
3328 W. Industrial Loop
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815

How to donate
Fill out the Donations to the Fireline online donation form and submit. The form will be delivered to the Idaho Department of Lands Fire Procurement team, and one of our teammates will contact you. Or you can call (208) 334-0294.

Why the Fire Cache: The Cache is designed for stocking and maintaining wildland firefighting equipment and supplies and is equipped to take in donations and get the supplies directly to wildfire crews.

Why pallet size: A typical pallet will hold about 80 cases of water. It is logistically easier for this quantity to be donated and dropped off at the Fire Cache rather than a few cases at a time. Individuals who are not able to donate a pallet of water/drinks: People can work with churches, clubs or service organizations or businesses to organize water and sports drink drives to collect pallet-level quantities of these products. Logistically, it will be very helpful to deliver the items to the Fire Cache, as truck drivers are in short supply for collecting items. Cache staff can provide pallets and stretch wrap for packaging the items when they arrive at the Cache.

Refrigerator trucks: We need refrigerator trucks to pick up ice in the Coeur d’Alene area and deliver it to fire camps and to deliver existing fresh food stocks to catering firms that prepare meals for firefighters at fire camps.

“We are seeing Idahoans work together to help firefighters through donations, and I thank them for being part of the solution for getting more water, sports drinks, and refrigeration where it is needed,” said Idaho State Controller Brandon Woolf. “Donations to the Fireline will give communities the support they need to organize donation efforts, which are so appreciated during this extraordinary fire season.”

Thanks also goes to the Coeur d’Alene Costco and the Walmart in Hayden, Idaho for their water donations this season.

If you live outside of the Coeur d’Alene area or are unable to partner with a local organization: Monetary donations can be made to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. The foundation helps families of firefighters killed in the line of duty and assists injured firefighters and their families. They assist state, local, and federal firefighters, contract firefighters, and volunteers from rural communities and towns across the United States. Donations are tax deductible and can be made online by visiting https://wffoundation.org. 


Robbie Johnson
Idaho Department of Lands
(208) 908-1786

About IDL Fire: Idaho Department of Lands Fire Management (IDL Fire) in partnership with two Timber Protection Associations and with the support of rural volunteer fire departments and other partners, are responsible for fire suppression and prevention on more than 6 million acres of state and private forests and rangelands in Idaho. IDL Fire focuses on initial attack with the goal of keeping fires at 10 acres or less. IDL Fire protects and preserves important endowment timber assets that help fund Idaho schools and other beneficiaries, as well as millions of acres of private forestland.