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Docket 20-0302-1901

Rules Governing Mined Land Reclamation
Previous chapter title: Rules Governing Exploration, Surface Mining, and Closure of Cyanidation Facilities

Status of Rulemaking

In May 2020, this rulemaking is continuing under docket number 20-0302-2001.

Documents Required by Idaho Administrative Procedure Act

Notice of Intent to Promulgate Rules – Administrative Bulletin Volume 19-5, May 1, 2019 – Page 69

(Second) Notice of Intent to Promulgate Rules – Administrative Bulletin Volume 19-10, October 2, 2019 – Page 220


The passage of House Bill 141 during the 2019 legislative session significantly amended Idaho’s Surface Mining Act. IDL is initiating rulemaking to incorporate key legislative changes into rule, which include:
 •  determining surface impacts of underground mines;
 •  setting fees for reclamation plans;
 •  incorporating water treatment and post-closure activities in reclamation plans, as needed;
 •  requiring that all reclamation tasks in a plan be completed and covered by financial assurance;
 •  estimating actual cost of reclamation and post-closure activities;
 •  allowing additional types of financial assurance, such as corporate guarantees and trusts;
 •  reviewing every plan at least once every five years; and
 •  implementing a temporary rule by August 1, 2019.

Negotiated Rulemaking Schedule

This rulemaking has been assigned a new docket number. For current information, please see the web page for docket 20-0302-2001.

DateLocationAgendaSign-in SheetPresentation
May 9, 2019Boise
May 15, 2019Boise
May 22, 2019Boise
May 29, 2019Boise
June 12, 2019Pocatello
June 13, 2019Challis
June 18, 2019Coeur d'Alene
June 19, 2019McCall
June 20, 2019Boise
June 27, 2019Boise
July 11, 2019Boise
August 29, 2019Boise
October 24, 2019Boise
November 19, 2019Boise
Draft Negotiated RuleDate Posted
Draft Rule Text No. 104/29/2019
Draft Rule Text No. 205/14/2019
Draft Rule Text No. 305/21/2019
Draft Rule Text No. 405/28/2019
Draft Rule Text No. 510/21/2019
Draft Temporary Rule
Draft Temp Rule Text No. 16/10/2019
Draft Temp Rule Text No. 26/26/2019
Response to Comments
Summary of Response to Comments08/26/2019
Submitted byDate Received
Idaho Mining Association, Ben Davenport05/15/2019
USDA Forest Service, Minerals/Geology Management, Chad Hood05/16/2019
Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, Matt Beeter05/21/2019
Idaho Mining Association, Ben Davenport05/22/2019
Lana Weber05/23/2019
Allison Fowle05/24/2019
Brady Turner05/24/2019
David Heep05/24/2019
Fran Rutter05/24/2019
Helen Hawley05/24/2019
Kay Goyden05/24/2019
Lawrence Flournoy05/24/2019
Leah Schulz05/24/2019
Lyle Titus 05/24/2019
Paul Cooperrider 05/24/2019
Robert Carroll05/24/2019
Rhea Verbanic05/24/2019
Rebecca MacMullan05/24/2019
Sarah Koerber 05/24/2019
Christine Sugg 05/28/2019
Dale Sugg 05/28/2019
Idaho Associated General Contractors, Wayne Hammon05/28/2019
Jim Loveland 06/03/2019
Zach Hull 06/03/2019
Earthworks, Bonnie Gestring 06/04/2019
Terrell Bostick 06/05/2019
Idaho Conservation League, Austin Walkins & Jonathan Oppenheimer06/07/2019
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Patty McGrath06/11/2019
Andrew Taylor06/12/2019
David Heep 06/12/2019
Tess Lindberg-Connor06/12/2019
Andrew Mentzer06/18/2019
Jessica Archibald 06/18/2019
Liz Urban06/18/2019
Sharon Bosley 06/18/2019
Stacy Gowing06/18/2019
Allison Dwyer06/19/2019
Colby Blair 06/19/2019
Kirsten Severud06/19/2019
Nina Watt-Geier06/19/2019
Jon Kittell06/20/2019
Kelly O'Neill06/20/2019
Michael Mckee06/20/2019
Nick Monahan06/20/2019
Casey O'Leary06/21/2019
Helen Lojek06/21/2019
Idaho Conservation League, Austin Walkins & Jonathan Oppenheimer 06/21/2019
Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, Mike McCurdy06/21/2019
Lisa Glodowski06/21/2019
Maura Goldstein06/21/2019
Nathan Todd 06/21/2019
Kristin Bierle06/24/2019
Laura Bechdel06/24/2019
Susan McKean06/24/2019
Idaho Mining Association, Ben Davenport06/28/2019
Thompson Creek Mining Co., Bradley Kucera06/28/2019
Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee, Shannon Wheeler 06/28/2019
Earl Dodds07/01/2019
Fred Coriell07/01/2019
Jim Loveland 07/01/2019
John Lewinski 07/01/2019
John Rygh07/01/2019
Idaho Conservation League, Jonathan Oppenheimer 07/01/2019
Lynn Lewinski 07/01/2019
Patrick Armstrong 07/01/2019
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Patty McGrath 07/01/2019
Rick Wells 07/01/2019
Ruth Lewinski 07/01/2019
Alida Bockino 07/05/2019
James Manning 07/08/2019
Michael Davidson 07/08/2019
Alayna Huter 07/11/2019
Andrew Taylor 07/11/2019
Jessica Archibald 07/11/2019
Bureau of Land Management, Joseph Larsen 07/11/2019
Laurel Williams 07/11/2019
Mary Fritz 07/11/2019
Amy Fletcher 07/12/2019
Andrew Anderson 07/12/2019
Erin Bell 07/12/2019
Kris Crookham 07/12/2019
Michael Wells 07/12/2019
Rachel DenHartog 07/12/2019
Robert Zabrowski 07/12/2019
Scott Friedman 07/12/2019
Daniel Roper07/15/2019
U.S. Forest Service, Nora Rasure 07/16/2019
Dan Lenihan 07/17/2019
Mark Berria 07/22/2019
Barclay Hauber 07/26/2019
Derek Gendvil 08/05/2019
Idaho Mining Association, Ben Davenport 11/14/2019
Thompson Creek Mining Co., Bradley Kucera 11/18/2019
J.R. Simplot Co., Alan Prouty 11/18/2019
SubjectDate Posted
Alaska Admin Code 11.05.120. Fees 05/08/2019
Alaska Admin Code 11.97.100. Reclamation05/08/2019
Alaska DNR Director's Fee Order No. 305/08/2019
Alaska DNR Reclamation Cost Estimate Guide05/08/2019
Alaska Statute 27.19 Reclamation05/08/2019
Appalachia Coal Mining Reclamation Bonding05/08/2019
Arizona Mining Permitting Guide05/08/2019
Arizona Statute - Mining 05/08/2019
BLM Nevada 3809 Reclamation Bonding Guide05/08/2019
Code Federal Regulations 30-CFR-800 (eCFR) Reclamation Bonding05/08/2019
Comparison International Reclamation Bonding05/08/2019
Dept. Interior Office Surface Mining Reclamation Bonds05/08/2019
Dept. Interior Office Surface Mining Self-Bonding05/08/2019
EPA Report 2016 Financial Assurance Instruments 05/08/2019
EPA Report 2017 Self-Insurance Risks05/08/2019
Fee Research (IDL)05/08/2019
Financial Assurance Environmental Protection Costs05/08/2019
GAO Report 2018 Federal/State Financial Assurance Challenges05/08/2019
Hardrock Reclamation Bonding Practices Western U.S. 05/08/2019
Idaho Legislation 2019 House Bill 14105/08/2019
Idaho Legislation 2019 House Bill 141 Governor Little Signs Law05/08/2019
Mining and Vanishing Surety Bond Market05/08/2019
Montana Code Minerals Annual Fee and Activity Report05/08/2019
Montana Code Minerals Annual Report Fee 05/08/2019
Montana Code Minerals Exploration License05/08/2019
Montana Code Minerals Exploration License Required05/08/2019
Montana Code Minerals Operating Permit Fees05/08/2019
Montana Code Minerals Permit Fee/Surety Bond05/08/2019
Montana Hardrock Mining General Operating Permit05/08/2019
Montana Metal Mine Bonding05/08/2019
Montana Minerals Exploration License05/08/2019
Montana Small Miner Exclusion05/08/2019
Montana Zortman-Landsky Mines Pollution05/08/2019
Nevada Bureau of Mining Regulation (BMRR) Fee Schedule05/08/2019
Nevada BMRR Water Pollution Control/Reclamation Permit Required05/08/2019
Nevada Admin Code Reclamation of Land Rev. 201605/08/2019
Nevada Revised Statute Reclamation of Land Rev. 2018 05/08/2019
New Mexico Mining Act05/08/2019
New Mexico Non-Coal Mining Fees05/08/2019
Pennsylvania Post-Mining Discharge Treatment Agreement05/08/2019
Pennsylvania Post-Mining Treatment Consent Order/Agreement05/08/2019
World Bank Group Guidance Implementation Financial Surety Mines05/08/2019
Wyoming Rules Limiting Self-Bonding05/08/2019
Wyoming Rules Non-Coal Self-Bonding Program (Former)05/08/2019
Wyoming Rules Non-Coal Self-Bonding Program (Proposed)05/08/2019
Fees Comparison, Other States (IDL)05/14/2019
Plan Processing Cost (IDL)05/14/2019
Plans Approved (IDL)05/14/2019
Code Federal Regulations 40-CFR-258.74 (eCFR) Allowable Mechanisms 05/28/2019
Code Federal Regulations 40-CFR-3809.552 (eCFR) Individual Financial Guarantee05/28/2019
FDIC Deposit Insurance FAQs 05/28/2019
Idaho Code Real Property Defined 05/28/2019
Montana Code Investments 05/28/2019
Montana Code Minerals Water Treatment Permanent Trust Fund 05/28/2019
Montana Code Minerals Opencut Mining Reclamation Bond 05/28/2019
Montana Property Bond for Opencut Mining Permit 05/28/2019
New Mexico Guidance for Calculating Indirect Costs for Mine Reclamation 05/28/2019
New Mexico Non-Coal Mining Financial Assurance Requirements 05/28/2019
Pennsylvania Code Bonding 05/28/2019
USFS Bond Guide 05/28/2019
USFS Handbook Bonding Administration 05/28/2019
Wyoming Rules Non-Coal Financial Assurance (Current) 05/28/2019
Bond Ratings Comparison: Moody's/Standard & Poor's/Fitch's 06/18/2019
Code Federal Regulations 40-CFR-264 (eCFR) Standards for Owners and Operators of Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facilities06/18/2019
Code Federal Regulations 43-CFR-3809 (eCFR) Surface Management06/18/2019
Collateral Bonding Information (IDL) 06/18/2019
Corporate Guarantee Comparison (IDL)06/18/2019
Corporate Guarantees/Self-Insurance Information (IDL) Revised06/18/2019
Dept. Treasury Circular 570 Requirements 06/18/2019
Fitch Rating Definitions06/18/2019
Indirect Cost Comparison (IDL) 06/18/2019
Montana Code Metal Mine Reclamation06/18/2019
Moody's Rating Symbols & Definitions 06/18/2019
Standard & Poor's Global Ratings Definitions 06/18/2019
Trust Funds Information (IDL)06/18/2019
CPA Licensing in Idaho10/21/2019
Nevada Administrative Code Chapters 445A.350 - 445A.447 10/21/2019
Nevada Bureau of Mining and Regulation (BMRR) Mining Branches10/21/2019
Nevada BMRR Closure Branch10/21/2019
Nevada BMRR Reclamation Branch10/21/2019
Nevada BMRR Regulation Branch10/21/2019

New Docket Number

This web page is the archive of rulemaking materials for negotiated rulemaking that was conducted May through November 2019 for IDAPA 20.03.02, Rules Governing Mined Land Reclamation.

This rulemaking is continuing under a new docket number: 20-0302-2001.


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Resource Protection and Assistance Bureau Chief
IDL Boise Staff Office
(208) 334-0261

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