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Timber Sales & Forest Management

A large portion of the annual income for the endowment trusts is derived from the sale and harvest of timber, which the IDL actively manages on state endowment trust forest lands.

To ensure the long-term health, vigor, productivity, and expected financial returns of the endowment trust forest, every year IDL timber personnel prepare and reforest harvested sites, pre-commercial thin, and manage noxious weeds on thousands of acres of endowment forests.

About 18 jobs are created for every 1 million board feet of timber harvested. That means the timber harvested from state endowment trust lands in a single year equate to thousands of good-paying jobs in the Idaho forest products industry.

Types of Sales

Timber Sales
Volumes exceeding 100 MBF with an appraised value of more than $15,000. These sales are normally advertised for four weeks in a newspaper in the county where the sale is located and are sold at public auction. Some salvage sales may be advertised for less than four weeks if the timber to be sold is at risk due to fire damage, insect damage, wind damage or other catastrophic events.

Direct Sales
Volumes not exceeding 100 MBF with a value of $15,000 or less. Generally used to harvest isolated parcels of timber of insufficient value to justify advertisement, these sales require no advertisement and are not used if more than one party is interested in the timber involved.

Timber Sale Web Application

Visit the Timber Sales website

In response to industry requests, IDL developed an online timber sale information application. The site includes:

  • Current Fiscal Year Sales Plans;
  • Next Fiscal Year’s Proposed Sale Plan;
  • Notice of Proposed Timber Sale Advertisements;
  • Customers and the general public will be able to set up user accounts to receive email notifications of sale updates/changes;
  • Purchasers can set up secure accounts for access to post-sale documents, specific to each purchaser, such as sale contracts and bond forms;
  • Ability to search for timber sales by various search criteria, such as Supervisory Area, sale name, auction date or sale type;
  • Access timber sale information, such as sale maps, volume estimates, road development, logging cost estimates and sale appraisal information.
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